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What is a vlog?

A vlog is a video blog or video journal/diary where people share their stories through uploaded video content in lieu of writing out a blog post as done with blogging, the popular ancestor to vlogging.

Start a free vlog on iStory

Start a free vlog on iStory
Start vlogging and share your personal life story on free vlog platform.

Vlogging has become a popular medium for sharing one’s story as the rise of social media has given birth to social media marketing, influencers and the new world of web 3.0.

iStory is vlogging software with all the features needed to create an awesome vlog experience on the web. There people create a free vlog site on the WordPress vlogging platform and share stories with a community of real people creating video blogs on all kinds of subjects.

Vlogging powered by WordPress

iStory Vlogging

Create your own video blog 100% free on the new vlogging community website built entirely for vloggers.

Watch high definition videos and see if you can make it on the iStory top vloggers list. The list highlights the most active vlog contributors who are frequently posting vlogs on

There’s not too many great vlogging communities these day’s so its good to have a alternative for uploading vlogs. While is the largest free blogging platform in the world, the site does little for creating a community like you have on Facebook.

Why to choose as your vlogging platform

People have plenty of good reasons to use for distributing their vlogs to the web. The iStory community is search engine optimized and updated Google with your latest vlog content through the sitemap.

And benefit of iStory is the site offers unlimited video hosting completely free of charge.

The popular vlogging website uses the Jetpack WordPress plugin to improve video search across the site, host unlimited vlogger videos and schedule auto publishing of vlogs to Facebook and Twitter social networks.

Thinkkster Anonymous Stories

Thinkkster is the world’s first anonymous stories platform for publishing Google web stories anonymously to the internet. Visitors to can sign up for free and join the anonymous story community site developed on WordPress CMS.