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Webflow vs WordPress: CMS Comparison

Webflow vs WordPress: CMS Feature Comparison

Thinkkster compares webflow CMS vs CMS and looks at how the ite builders stack up against each other in this detailed website builder CMS comparison chart.

Our editors have also provided written reviews hghlighting the key features of these two popular and powerful content management systems.

Comparing Webflow vs WordPress is not really an equal comparison to begin with. This is because of the sheer size of WordPress and the WordPress ecosystem of WP theme developers, website developers, wordpress plugins, akismet and jetpack by Automattic, elementor page builder, wordfence website security, etc. WordPress is a massive ecosystem that is very useful for web developers, especially when experienced with WordPress development.

However, for people just starting out busiling websites with no wordpress experience nor WP development biases, its a really good idea to look over webflow’s CMS features and consider using Webflow on your next website building projec. Webflow is the best wordpress alternative website building software in my personal & professional opinion.

Webflow Pricing

Webflow pricing is very affordable with single site plans starting from just $12 per month when paid annually ($15/month if billed monthly)

WordPress vs Webflow: Which CMS is best to use for building websites?

Consider using Webflow for building & hosting your next web project.


What we like about Webflow – its an incredibly powerful website builder tool that offers free websites hosted on Webflow also offers customers paid plans with affordable pricing bundling the site builder and web hosting services together for one low price monthly fee.

Webflow’s purpose is to empower designers to build customer, professional website using a visual editing website building software CMS.

Thinkkster editors recommend using Webflow as a top alternative choice to using wordpress CMS.

Webflow is especially great for web designers and start-up businesses.

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder.

More than 39% of the web is built using WordPress CMS.

WordPress is a powerful website building solution

WordPress is a super user-friendly, powerful business solution for website development. offers free websites with an easy to use site builder.

Free WordPress Hosting

Small business owners and content creators looking for free WordPress hosting can turn to for high quality, fast and FREE web hosting.

Free WP hosting is for sites developed on the website using WordPress CMS software. also offers paid website hosting plans and custom domain names for your website.

Paid WordPress Hosting

Web developers who are experienced developing websites with WordPress CMS will usually opt for paid WP hosting plans versus the free web hosting provided on

Many times, managed WordPress hosting plans are the preferred website hosting plan for WP fans and loyalists.

TrustGeeky has a very useful page that compares the best WordPress hosting side by side in a host service comparison chart. Read it over before spending money with a wordpress web hosting provider. TG points out the best hosting services for building WP sites depending on server speed, WordPress pricing, # of websites and customer services options.